Raising the Bar in Safety

October 3, 2016


SEATRANSPORT is proud of be part of the collaborative team that is raising the safety standards for Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation’s passenger ferry services. The new motto for APFC, "Ferry safe, ferry fast and ferry convenient", is based on the firm goal to provide safer, more comfortable and more reliable ferry services to the Philippines.

The APFC has ferry transportation routes that seamlessly connect the 7, 107 islands of the Philippines including the country's very first new Catamaran RORO (Roll on, Roll Off) ferries.

The focus to improve passenger safety, comfort and welfare prompted APFC to contact SEATRANSPORT in order to bring the Philippines its first fleet of 10 RO-PAX (Roll on Roll Off Passenger Ship) vessels that were fully compliant with international standards for damage stability, firefighting and lifesaving.

Within the first 2 years of re-fleeting with these new vessels, APFC has run successful operations on both the eastern and western corridors of the country. The key to the success of APFC is centered on time, safety, reliability and positive feedback from passengers, as well as the fact that APFC was bold enough to look at a new and innovative ferry design.

“So far, we have made significant impact on safety and the travel time of people and cargo within the islands because the ferries used are far faster than the second hand-tonnage operating in the country.” Chet Pastrana, Chairman of the APFC.  SEATRANSPORT has worked as part of the collaborative team to raise safety standards and awareness for the country’s ferry services which was in need of new systems and practices.

“The Philippines has the worst maritime record in the world for a single incident and I would really like to change that stigma that the Philippines does not adhere to safety standards. We’ve initiated a modernisation  program and other ship-owners will follow, and we can be proud that the Philippines is genuinely trying to get away from the perception that we are not responsible ship-owners.”

- Chet Pastrana, APFC Chairman

The system put in place by APFC is similar to that of airlines. Through investing in systems such as seat allocation, strict boarding controls and new technology, the company now has complete control over their passenger numbers and aware of the operations on their vessels at all times and in real time. “We want to be able to raise the standard of service and to provide a safer and more comfortable means of transportation,” explains Mr. Pastrana. “We hope Archipelago’s initiatives will encourage other owners to follow its example of safe, modern tonnage.”

“What we are offering is the convenience of daily departures, not having to wait for a container to be filled and not having to wait for it at the port,” says Mr. Pastrana. “Essentially the company is offering a point-to-point delivery of goods and people and there is no multiple handling. It’s a door-to-door service.”

SEATRANSPORT is proud to be affiliated with assisting companies to improve their systems, their safety, their operations and ultimately their company’s reputation.





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