The Team

STS operates as a coordinated functional group under the direction of the Managing Director, Mr Stuart Ballantyne. The friendly and competent team of staff have an excellent depth of both qualifications and experience.

Our company policy is such that when taking on new junior staff, time is spent working on vessels at sea, thereby gaining a vital depth of experience to their qualifications. This, combined with regular on-going training by way of seminars, conferences and other means produce a highly efficient and professional team of staff able to analyse and quantify all facets of ship design, construction and operation and deliver solutions accordingly.

Sea Transport is instrumental in providing input and feedback for local and international maritime authorities, classification societies teaching institutions, and software developers.

about us

Company Profile

Sea Transport Solutions (STS) is part of the Sea Transport Corporation group of companies, which own, operate and construct marine vessels for commercial, pleasure and military application. Our team of qualified marine designers are equipped with real and diverse experience, utilising a wide range of skills and a unique comprehension of technical, commercial and operational aspects of ship design, construction and operation.

We provide design services from concept design, hull optimisation and tank testing through to advanced structural design, Classification approval and production (CNC) detail.

All of our marine architecture services are backed by over 40 years of real life experience and expert-level training.

STS can also supply of pre-cut ‘kit’ vessels allowing builders to begin construction immediately and to reduce overall construction time. During construction our project managers provide supervision services to ensure overall quality of construction and compliance with Owner requirements.

STS offers bankable marine feasibility studies providing in depth review of proposed shipping operations, including assessment of capital and operating expenditure, route optimisation, optimum vessel type, size, speed, crewing requirements and shore infrastructure requirements.

Operating since 1976, STS has a proven record of successful, innovative designs currently operating in 47 countries worldwide.

Designing, Building and Operating Vessels all over the World

Our vessel designs operate all over the world and we keep in regular contact with all of our clients, past and present:

      1. Vanuatu
      1. New Caledonia
      1. Nauru
      1. Guam
      1. Canada
      1. USA
      1. Hawaii
      1. Russia
      1. Switzerland
      1. Greece
      1. England
      1. Turkey
      1. Poland
      1. Cypress
      1. Spain
      1. Morocco
      1. Trinidad & Tobago
      1. Bahamas
      1. China
      1. Hong Kong
      1. Vietnam
      1. Malaysia
      1. Singapore
      1. Chile
      1. Gibraltar
      1. Mozambique
      1. South Africa
      1. Holland Harlingen
      1. Israel
      1. New Zealand
      1. Barrier Island
      1. Milford Sound
      1. Fiji – Western Islands
      1. Venezuela
      1. Oman
      1. Solomon Is.
      1. Australia
      1. Brazil
      1. United Kingdom
      1. India
      1. Papua New Guinea
      1. United Arab Emirates
      1. Philippines
      1. Saipan & Tinian (northern Marianas Islands)
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