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Project Management Services

Our project management team has extensive industry experience managing new vessel construction and conversion projects alongside reputable marine builders in Australia, USA, China and Southeast Asia. We can provide onsite supervision of the vessel’s construction to ensure construction quality and timely delivery.

The SEATRANSPORT vessel management teams are comprised of ship operators, naval engineers, marine architects, electrical engineers, production engineers and senior ship officers all with extensive experience in the industry. The diversity of expertise within each team ensures that all aspects of your vessel’s construction or conversion are of the highest possible quality, that they satisfy all safety and environmental regulations and that each phase of construction meets its deadline.
Project Management

Project Management Services

Build Site Supervision

Steel cutting, fabrication and hull construction
Hull and tank surface preparation
Anti-corrosive coating and finish coating application
Machinery installation
Electrical and automation installation
Cargo system installation

Major Equipment Selection

Evaluation of equipment functionality
Evaluation of equipment reliability
Evaluation of equipment maintenance
Ship building

Contract Negotiation Management

Payment methods
Security and titles
Technical specifications and plans
Limitations of liability
Change orders
Insurance and taxes
Completion Dates

Shipyard Services

Full evaluation of all shipyard and procedures
Full evaluation of shipyard safety, security and emergency requirements
Implementation and enforcement of shipyard conduct and drug/alcohol/substance policies
Facilitation of all contractual documents and ancillary requirements
Management of shipyard authorisation and responsibilities
Management of project communication lines
Management and Facilitation of all reporting requirements and procedures ie: schedules and progress monitoring
Management of all storage facilities
Site and infrastructure procedures/inspections

Additional Services

Vessel plan review, plan approvals, plan modifications and or changes
Attendance at NDT and factory acceptance tests
Mooring and dock trials
Final sea trials
All site inspections (both scheduled and unscheduled)
Inspection reports
Delivery and acceptance of vessel
Guarantee claims evaluation and management
Additional services
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