The ‘Lucky Eyre’ Departs for Lucky Bay

January 16, 2020

The Lucky Eyre Transhipper vessel has set out on another voyage.

The 87m grain transhipment vessel departed this week and is currently en route to Lucky Bay in South Australia. The voyage is predicted to take the vessel 30 days.

‘Lucky Eyre’ previously completed a one-week journey back in February 2019—starting from a shipyard in Guangzhou and finishing in Shanghai, China. Since this voyage, the vessel has undergone a major conversion which included installing a specialised grain materials handling system developed by SEATRANSPORT.

Lucky Eyre's main responsibility is to deliver an estimated 10,800 to 13,250 tonnes of cargo daily from the Lucky Bay Port to larger, deepwater vessels. South Australia’s new Lucky Bay port is estimated to provide grain farmers with savings up to $5 to $20 per tonne in transportation costs.

For any queries regarding transhipment operations and ship design services—be sure to get in touch with the team of specialists here at SEATRANSPORT.

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