Supporting Innovations in Marine Safety

Ropax ferry design

Sea Transport Solutions is continuously seeking to both utilise the very best in innovative ship building technology and provide a service of which safety is the highest priority.

Our team of naval architects, consultants, surveyors and project managers are excited to be in cooperation with the United Kingdom’s University of Strathclyde in testing a new, potentially life-saving technology aboard a new vessel.


Dubbed DSRS (Damage Stability Recovery System), this new technology aims to improve the stability of a vessel’s hull should it incur damage at sea. DSRS involves injecting a highly expandable foam into ship compartment(s) undergoing flooding post-accident where it quickly expands, sealing the breach and stabilising the hull.

Damage Stability Recovery System

ship stability system

vessel stability DSRS
This innovative new approach to damage stability aboard marine vessels could not only preserve life in extreme incidents but is the most cost-effective solution available. DSRS is expected to revolutionise the design and operation of most ship types and in a recent case study involving a large Sea Transport RoPax vessel, DSRS achieved truly impressive results, opening possibilities for novel and innovative future vessel designs.


Additionally, DSRS can be retrofitted to existing vessels to reduce the likelihood of capsize/sinking and further water entry following major damage.

We believe this technology could commercially viable and will endeavour to install DSRS on future builds.


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