Stern Landing Vessel Possible Choice for US Navy

March 5, 2020

The US Navy is currently on the lookout for a new medium-sized amphibious support vessel to join their fleet—and it’s great to see SEATRANSPORT'S very own Stern Landing Vessel (SLV) could be a front runner.

In a recent article published by the USNI News, it was stated that a $30 million budget will be devoted to the new addition. As mentioned in the budget overview, “a next-generation medium amphibious ship will be a stern landing vessel to support amphibious ship-to-shore operations.”

Read the full USNI News article here. 

SEATRANSPORT'S SLV has not yet been confirmed as the chosen design, but USNI News understands that “something like an SLV would combine a surface ship’s ability to have great enough endurance and range to be operationally useful to commanders and a landing craft’s ability to beach itself to offload larger equipment.”

Another article recently published by The National Interest discussed the possibility of the SLV being a top choice for the US Navy and Marines Corps. This article stated that the new small and amphibious design would complement the Navy’s existing force of roughly three dozen large vessels and would help spread the fleet over a more expansive area.

SEATRANSPORT'S SLV design is similar to standard landing crafts however it has overcome various key issues present with the more conventional designs. The SLV provides improved visibility, better sea capability and increased speed. Learn more about the unique SLV design here. 

The team at SEATRANSPORT is pleased to hear that our SLV design has some strong interest from the US Military.

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Stern Landing Vessel

Stern Landing Vessel

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