Lucky Eyre Transhipper Vessel Arrives Safely in Shanghai

lucky eyre transhipment vessel for grain

Transhipper Vessel Lucky Eyre leaving shipyard at Guangzhou, China

The team at Sea Transport Solutions is proud to announce that the new transhipment vessel dubbed ‘Lucky Eyre’, has successfully completed her one week journey from the shipyard in Guangzhou to Shanghai in China, covering her first 1,670 kilometres with ease.

The new vessel departed for Shanghai early last month, where she will be retrofitted with the STS designed Materials Handling System (MHS) for the export of grain.

transshipment ship by sea transportLucky Eyre, an 87M grain transhipper designed by the ship design experts at STS (partnering with T-Ports), is right on schedule to begin operation at the new grain port in South Australia’s Lucky Bay where she will responsible for delivering an estimated 10,800 to 13,250 tonnes of cargo daily from the port to larger, deepwater vessels.

Upon completion of the MHS retrofitting work in Shanghai, Lucky Eyre will be departing China for South Australia to start exporting this coming harvest season.

Once in operation, the new Lucky Bay port is estimated to provide grain farmers with savings up to $5 to $20 per tonne in transportation costs along with another $25 to $40 per tonne when importing fertiliser back to the port.

transhipment vessel lucky eyre leaving shipyard

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