Friday Flashback: The Floating Harbour Transhipper

May 17, 2019

ship design model testing by sea transport solutionsWell OK, this study was only completed about 7 years ago but just in case you haven't seen the Experimental Study on the Relative Motions Between a Floating Harbour Transhipper and a Feeder Vessel in Regular Waves.

Great reading about "The Floating Harbour Transhipper" (FHT) which is a pioneering logistics solution designed to meet the growing demands for coastal transhipment in the mining sector as well as commercial port operations. The main advantage of the FHT system is that it can reduce transhipment delays caused by inclement weather, by reducing relative motions between the FHT and feeder vessel. Brought to you by the best in the business.

Can you see any new possibilities for this type of technology?

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