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Sea Transport - Military VesselsSea Transport - Military VesselsSea Transport - Military Vessels

Sea Transport Solutions has designed several military vessels including hydrographic survey vessels and landing craft for the Royal Australian Navy, Indian Navy and Royal Thai Navy.

Small modifications to STS’s commercial ship designs can achieve 90% of the logistic requirements of many similar sized naval vessels at less than a quarter of the capital cost.

Stern Landing Vessels

Military VesselsAdapted from successful commercial craft working in remote areas under difficult conditions, STS offers simple solutions for military challenges of the 21st century. The patented SLV was a result of focusing on possible answers to the operational problems of conventional landing craft.

The proven successful solution to the landing craft was the Stern Landing Vessel.  The triple screw, twin skeg hull form is the most viable answer for the amphibious support craft to succeed in the military’s operational envelope. STS can and have successfully transformed commercial designs into a flexible and full functioned naval platform, which can be integrated easily into existing naval operations.

Designed to commercial or naval rules, SLV’s can be built by any ship-yard able to construct commercial vessels to Class Rule standards.

RAN Pauluma Class Hydrographic Survey Vessels

Sea Transport - MV Deep Water

Four hydrographic survey vessels have been built for the Royal Australian Navy and operate in northern Australia.