Marine Drafting and Modelling

Our experienced draftsmen work in a 2D and 3D environment to produce construction drawings using Autocad, Rhinoceros 3D and ShipConstructor software.

ShipConstructor is a sophisticated shipbuilding CAD/CAM software suite that provides detailed design and 3D modelling tools for production engineering of our vessels, including structural arrangement, assembly drawings, CNC plate nesting and 3D pipe spooling.

Steel and Aluminium Pre-Cut Kits

STS also offers supply of pre-cut ‘kit’ vessels allowing builders to begin construction immediately and to reduce overall construction time.

Design of your vessel and cutting of steel or aluminium parts can begin while finance is being secured or while a shipyard is being selected. The lead time for material procurement and cutting is eliminated and construction can then commence immediately after contract signing.

3D Ship Model by Sea Transport Solutions
CNC cutting